How More Have to Die This Way? Our Letter to Ekene & Family

Dear Ekene,

We commiserate with you and your family on the “preventable” loss of your dad, please accept our heartfelt condolences. It saddens our hearts to read your painful true life story which is all too common and yet again shows the dysfunction in the healthcare system in Nigeria. Indeed our healthcare system/structure is in need of urgent attention.

Having been involved in working for over 10 years to bring healthcare solutions to Nigeria and other parts of Africa, it seems like the system is getting worse as no one is held accountable and worse still, there is no alternative. Everyone therefore accepts the status quo and this is unacceptable! However the change must start with “me” (everyone) in our own little way.

We need more people to speak out, proffer solutions, start initiatives to address the challenges we face in our healthcare system, some of which you have also been able to highlight in your write up.

At iDHS.HealthWise we are passionate about bridging the gap in the healthcare system in Nigeria, across Africa and the world as we believe that a good basic standard is the right of every human being.

As an International organisation we are working to help improve the status quo and believe in the needed holistic change which we proffer. We believe every Nigerian deserves the most affordable, accessible and high quality healthcare obtainable.

We would like to know how we can support your initiative #valuenigerians and hope we can partner in some meaningful way to begin to bring the much needed change and improvement to healthcare delivery systems in Nigeria.

For more information about us, kindly visit our website, Follow us on twitter @iDHS_Healthwise or send us an mail at


Elizabeth Adeshina

Elizabeth Adeshina

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